Diagnosing Packaging Problems – Part 2: Inconsistent Pressure & Leaks

In Part 1 of this Greener Tech Bite we diagnosed potential causes and solutions for the the splitting and fracturing in the upper left corner of this package.

Here in Part 2 we’ll diagnose problems with uneven pressure and leakers that can persist after adjustments and sealing jaw design changes have eliminated the splitting. Read more


Diagnosing Packaging Problems – Part 1: Split, Fractured Seals

When solving packaging problems, you’ll achieve the best results when you diagnose one symptom at a time and evaluate the effects of each corrective adjustment. This systematic approach will help you isolate the causes, determine the best solutions, and avoid steps that compound the problem and waste time.

In part 1 of this Greener Tech Bite we diagnose the most apparent problem on this package from a flow pack wrapper—the split in the upper left corner.

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Adjusting Heat, Time, & Pressure: Quality Seals on Flow Wrappers & Vertical FFS Baggers

The right combination of heat, time, and pressure is required to produce quality seals on form fill seal baggers and flow wrappers. These sealing elements are closely linked; adjusting one can change the others and cause unexpected problems. This post reviews the function of and relationships between heat, time, and pressure, so you can better understand and anticipate the full effects of your adjustments. Read more


Knife Adjustment on Flow Wrappers: The Cost of Quick Fixes

When cutting problems delay production, quick fixes are often used to get flow wrappers up and running again. But instead of saving a few minutes of downtime, these shortcuts can cost you hours of production time.

This Greener Tech Bite identifies common quick fixes that bypass standard knife adjustment procedures. Their immediate and cumulative effects cause well over half of the cutting and sealing problems that we encounter. Read more


Pressure & Heat: Adjustments & Sealing Jaw Designs

This Greener Tech Bite reviews machine adjustments and sealing jaw designs that provide the pressure and heat* required for quality seals. You can consult additional, detailed posts and videos on each topic by clicking the red links or the corresponding images.

Quality seals on flow wrappers & vertical baggers require a combination of time, pressure, and heat, if utilized, that seals across varying thicknesses created by the fin or lap seal, gussets, or other pleats and wrinkles. Read more


Case Study: Rejected Packages Delay Production – Sealing Problems Diagnosed & Solved

When sealing problems kept a packager of energy bars from meeting their production requirements, they contacted Greener to see if we could help develop a solution. They explained to one of our technical experts that rejects and downtime due to split or unsealed packages had reached the point of crisis. Read more


Running Sustainable Packaging Films on Flow Wrappers & Vertical FFS Baggers

Are you planning to test or convert to sustainable packaging films on your flow wrappers or vertical form-fill-seal baggers? Your current machine set-up and components may not provide quality results with these paper-based, recyclable, or compostable materials.

This Greener Tech Bite outlines steps in your packaging process that you should evaluate and adjust before running these new films. You’ll find links to resources for:

Machine Set-Up

Sealing Jaw & Former Design

Standard Operating Procedures


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Package Diagnostics: Case 1 – Sealing Jaw Design

This Greener Tech Bite is the first in a series of case studies on the Package Diagnostic Process.

When we work with clients, sample packages provide vital diagnostic clues for troubleshooting problems on flow wrappers or vertical baggers. And even when clients don’t report problems, we use sample packages to help them discover and implement improvements that they may have overlooked—from new knife, sealing jaw, and former designs to machine adjustments that optimize the whole packaging process.
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