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Publicaciones técnicas y videos de Greener Corporation que lo ayudan a resolver problemas y optimizar todo su proceso de empaque en envolvedoras horizontales y envasadoras verticales de formado / llenado / sellado. Aprenda a mejorar:

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Troubleshooting Checklist for Horizontal Flow Wrappers

This Greener Corporation “Tech Bite” provides a Troubleshooting Checklist for working with us to solve packaging problems on horizontal flow wrappers. Answers to the checklist questions will allow us to help define your problem, determine the causes, and develop solutions that restore package quality and productivity.

With this video and blog post as a guide, you can start the problem solving process by contacting Greener Corporation or by filling out our online Troubleshooting Checklist.

You may not have immediate answers for every question; just provide as much information as possible. Our technical staff will request any additional details that they need.

Troubleshooting Checklist for Horizontal Flow Wrappers

1. Define the Problem
flow wrapper package leakers

Do your packages have leakers?

flow wrapper package with split end seal

Are there package appearance issues such as crushed or split end seals, wrinkles, creases, or heat distortion?

flow wrapper package with wrinkles and leakers

You might be experiencing both.

horizontal flow wrapper

Is the problem isolated to one wrapper, or does it occur on multiple machines?

horizontal flow wrapper

What is the make and model of each wrapper?

repeatable packaging performance at all plant locations

Are results the same on every shift? Does the problem occur at more than one plant location?

flow wrapper package with creases and leakers

Try to determine when the problem began, and note any changes that might be contributing factors.

packaging film and product for flow wrapper

Has the film structure, film supplier, or the product changed?

crimper sealing jaw

Have there been changes with personnel, or with tooling such as crimpers, knives, fin wheels, or heaters?


Let’s further clarify when and where the problem exists.
flow wrapper package

Is the leak or appearance issue always in the same location on the package?

horizontal flow wrapper

Does the problem occur on every package, or intermittently?

horizontal flow wrapper

If using a multi-crimper sealing head, does the problem occur on every pair of crimpers?

Does the problem occur on the leading and trailing crimper face?

Track the problem to see if it appears on the leading seal, the trailing seal, or on both.

flow wrapper packages

For multi-use machines, does the problem occur consistently, or only with one package size, product, or film structure?

How have you already tried to solve the issue? What was the result?


2. Determine Causes
Flow wrapper crimper jaw carbon impression

Send clear photos of carbon impressions—our most important diagnostic tool. They reveal vital, otherwise hidden details about machine set up and condition, crimper and knife design, and other causes.

Damaged end seals from excess crimper jaw pressure on flow wrappers

Provide photos and samples of packages, run during production, that demonstrate your problem. Also include, if possible, the film specifications and the name of the film supplier.

Provide photos or videos of any machine processes or components that are pertinent to the problem, such as: crimpers; used anvils and knives, and the sealing and cutting head.

Troubleshooting problems on flow wrappers

Are your knives adjusted with screws or shims? If shim adjusted, what is the number and thickness of the shims under the knife and anvil?

Troubleshooting problems on flow wrappers

Using a contact pyrometer, provide three temperature readings from the crimper sealing face—in the middle and on each side where the outer edge of the package contacts the face.

Provide wrapper control settings, if available, for line speeds, dwell, package length, and for the temperature of the crimpers and fin wheels.


3. Develop Solutions

Every detail, even those that seem insignificant, provides clues that will help us develop effective solutions to your packaging problems.

To initiate technical assistance, use the fillable Troubleshooting Checklist on our website or contact Greener Corporation. We develop and deliver solutions worldwide.


2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Checklist for Horizontal Flow Wrappers

  • January 21, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    sleek wrapper 40 the film keeps bunching up at bottom

    • January 21, 2021 at 3:47 pm

      if you can provide me with more details I am happy to try and help. Pics of the wrinkles showing the area where they are in and more machine information would be helpful.
      you can send them to me at


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